Advice From an Engagement Photographer

April 3, 2021
Engagement photographer

As an engagement photographer, I’ve quickly come to find that a couples’ outfit of choice really sets the stage for their session. Glam vs relaxed or formal vs casual– what we wear is how we present ourselves to the world! For engagement photos, it might become difficult when the need to pair two different peoples’ wardrobes comes into play. I’ve created a simple guide to putting together complimentary outfits for your session!


Do: Choose solid, neutral colors like black, white, grey, blue and brown. Neutral colored outfits are simpler to coordinate and will compliment just about any scenic location. Need location ideas? Click HERE for my top locations in Oregon!

Don’t: Wear bright colors like orange or green. Neon colors will draw attention away from the couple and might also create an unflattering reflection onto your skin.


Do: Fabric with texture or stitching can add a subtle element to your wardrobe choice; material that is smooth and clean will also create a stunning look. Need a second opinion? I’m always available to help couples select outfits that will suit each other perfectly, for every session.

Don’t: Choose anything with busy or large prints. Patterns have a reputation for visual distraction so we want to avoid them in order to keep the couple as the focus point.


Do: Wear what makes you feel like you! Choose clothing that reflects your style and something that you will be visibly comfortable in. Bringing 2 outfit choices is a great way to make that happen– formal attire and a casual outfit will give us the option for different presentations.

Don’t: Put on tennis shoes or sneakers. Keep the outfit classic and clean, even if it’s a casual look.


The purpose of this engagement session is to really capture the love that brought you together– to put that love on the spotlight and create stunning images that will one day fill the pages of an album or hanging portraits on the wall.

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