Cooper Hall Wedding

May 27, 2021
Wedding photographer

Finding the right photographer can be a time consuming step in wedding planning. There are so many things to consider– how much does a wedding photographer cost? What does one company offer that another doesn’t? Is an experienced photographer worth paying for? Take a look at several key factors that will decide how much this should cost.

In the Portland Metro area, a wedding photographer can cost around $3500-$5000. There is definitely a wide range in price that’s determined based off of at least 3 elements.


Number one on the list is experience– every year of work is considered another year spent perfecting the craft of photography. A wedding photographer with over 4 years of experience under their belt will offer much more than somebody with only 6 months. You can expect better communication, a stronger portfolio, and more confidence in ability to perform from a well-trained professional.


Small cities like Salem don’t have the same cost of living as, for example, downtown Seattle. Photographers determine package pricing based on where they live/ the cost of living in their city.


Each package is priced to reflect the features provided– a full package includes more perks and benefits than a simpler one, although both are equally delivered with high quality photos and customer service.

Package options include:

Prints/ Albums

Hours of coverage (6-12 hrs)

Online gallery

A second shooter (missed my blog on second shooters? Click HERE )

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