Second Photographer, yes or no?

February 6, 2021

This may one of the most important questions to ask your wedding photographer! Seems kinda silly: “I’m already paying for a photographer why should I have a two photographers?” Down below I’ll go over 3 reasons why you should!

  1. They can capture images from another perspective

Every photographer has a unique perspective and if you want more details or candid shots. For example: the main photographer will capture you walking down the aisle and the second shooter will capture the grooms reaction. As a single person, it’s impossible to get both of these reactions. The same moment can be captured with 2 perspectives.

2. They takes care of the the little details

The bridesmaids hair tie, the grooms boutonniere, or your stunning dress needs adjusting? Yup they take care of that! All the little details that you may not catch, they are trained to have an eye for detail.

3. Having an assistant to create a stress-free and smooth day

They step in to assist the photographer and the wedding party. They watch the time and keep the schedule on time to ensure we stick to the timeline. When it comes to family photos having that extra set of hands to help coordinate, assist and direct can make this process go from an hour to 30 min. She’s like an extra pair of eyes, ears and hands!

When hiring a wedding photographer, no matter how small or large your wedding is, ask the photographer if they have a second shooter on their team! It’s absolutely crucial!

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