Stratus Home Ranch / Intimate Northern California Wedding

April 19, 2022

Tucked into the hills of the Northern California coast, I had the honor of shooting Dan and Megan’s rustic, romantic, Christ centered wedding.  This day, curated with a simple, springtime elegance was a perfect example of how weddings can follow the current trends while still staying unique to the couple.  

For Dan and Megan, this was done by incorporating various aspects of their faith into the day: bible scripture in their vows, constant prayer, communion and the tradition of washing of the feet.   

And as a wedding vendor, this came as a breath of fresh air because they made it a point to keep the things that rooted them together, central, as they took the next steps towards a marriage.  A lot of the time, it can be forgotten, or even lost amongst the noise, that a wedding leads to a marriage; so with Dan and Megan’s integration of faith and family, came a good insight as to what marriage would look like for them.  

They showed their family, friends, vendors and now you, what the foundations of their marriage will be built on.  Faith, love, family and respect. 

So while I always recommend to my brides the most current trends and inspirations, I encourage you to take the time to identify what the pillars in your relationship are and incorporate them into your wedding day.  Incorporate your faith with things like communion, scripture and traditions whether they be religious, cultural or familial. Incorporate your family with speeches, readings or roles.  Let the restaurant that you went to on your first date cater the meal, so that you and your guests can relive the day that everything changed.

Let whatever makes your relationship beautifully unique shine so that it can be celebrated in its full light.   Like we have heard before, a wedding is two people, two families, becoming one.  So allow this celebration to make you one.