The perfect wedding timeline

April 13, 2021

First time getting married and you ask yourself: how on Earth will all of this fit into one day? I will be sharing 2 timelines that will help any bride plan the perfect wedding timeline. Also some tips and tricks to ensure that even if things don’t go perfectly (trust me they never do) that it won’t come crashing down!

Tip #1: make room for bumper time.

When creating a wedding timeline it’s important to know that you’r wedding day will come with unexpected delays, mistakes and unforeseen circumstances. That’s why it’s important to be prepared and make room for them instead of being surprised. After shooting 30+ weddings one thing I’ve learned is it things won’t go perfect and that’s ok!

Tip #2 make room for meals or coffee

Nothing is worse then being hungry, especially on your wedding day! Making time in the timeline for a coffee break is the best thing I can recommend to any bride! This will give you time to take a break, relax and refuel for the reception. I’ve seen too many bridesmaids faint due to the rush and crazy schedules that brides make, don’t make the same mistake!

Tip #3 let things go

Too many brides focus on the million details that they forget to relax and enjoy their day. I know that they have spent hours planning every little detail and want their vision to come to life but it’s not worth your energy. Wedding timelines are perfect for brides who are organized but want to enjoy their wedding day because they can let the professionals (like me) take of the timeline as they relax.


Photographer Arrives

Bridal/Groom  Portraits 1 Hour

First look 30 min

Drive to Location

Bridal Portraits 1.5/2 Hours

Coffee Break 


Family Photos 30 min


Sunset Photos 15 min


Photographer Arrives

Bridal/Groom  Portraits 1 Hour

Coffee break/ retouch make-up


Family Photos 

Bridal Party Photos 1 Hour


Sunset Photos 1 Hour

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