Bend Wedding Photographer/ Backyard Wedding

January 27, 2021

Looking for a Bend wedding photographer? Well look no further! Kelsey and Josh originally planned on getting married near Columbia Gorge but had to replan their entire wedding! The back up plan? Bend Oregon! They reached out to a family friend who had a great home with some great land and they had one of the most memorable weddings in 2020! Some of the best moments of the day was popping Champaign with the girls, Kelsey giving Josh a bloody nose after smashing his face with cake and the incredible wedding party of 24 people! It felt like I was in a flash mob all day!

I think what makes Bend wedding photographers stand out is their love for the outdoors! Theres something so warm and sunny about Bend Oregon that I can see why they choose this location! As I said before, Kelsey and Josh choose to have a backyard wedding which could not have been a better idea! Thinking about planning a backyard wedding? Check out my blog post about how to plan a backyard wedding HERE.

A huge shoutout to B. Sweet Imagery for capturing video! She did such a great job and working with her was a pleasure! Looking for a videographer? Check out her work HERE!


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