Trash the Dress | Post Wedding Adventure

February 25, 2022

You’ve spent endless hours curating the wedding of your dreams, from the venue to the flowers, and most importantly the wedding gown. However when your big day finally arrives, and you finally are ready to say “I do” the festivities, and celebrations fly by in a momentous whirlwind, leaving you are your beloved lovestruck, and exhausted. What if instead of returning his tux, and having your dress professionally packed away in some climate-controlled box, you took one more day to celebrate this cherished milestone in your love story. What if you and your love donned your bridal attire, headed off the beaten path, and created one more meaningful moment to mark the next chapter in your life. Enter the “trash the dress” session, or as I prefer to call it, the Post Wedding Adventure. 

As a luxury bridal photographer, I work tirelessly alongside my couples to curate and capture every last detail of their wedding day. And, I would be doing each and every one of you a disservice if I didn’t encourage you to add on a “trash the dress” session. I mean imagine being able to create memories that should be gracing the pages of Vogue, these are the keepsakes we curate together when we take an adventure off the beaten path on your Post Wedding Adventure. 

What does a “trash the dress session” look like?

The words “trash the dress” can be terrifying to a bride who spent countless hours searching for her dream wedding gown. We don’t destroy your dress, and it can still be professionally cleaned, and boxed following the session. The magic of a Post Wedding Adventure (“trash the dress”) is being able to capture your love story without the stress of your wedding timeline, or ruining your hair & makeup. It is a unique opportunity to create an elegant, one-of-a-kind memory to mark the beginning of your new lives together. A chance to relax, explore, and connect without the prying eyes of your loved ones, and truly focus on immortalizing your love story in photographs. 

A typical Post Wedding Adventure schedule looks like this:

  • Drive 2-4 hours, most locations require a long drive, but it’ll be worth the drive to print landscape images in your home.
  • Re-Touch up hair and make-up before we start.

Typically we choose 2 locations during the shoot.

  • The first location is 45 min 
  • 15 min to the second location (this will give a large variation to the type of photos we take)
  • Second location 45 min

Where should we go for a Trash the Dress Session?

When selecting the perfect location for a trash the dress session, you should consider all the places that hold sentimental value for you and your groom. However, if you’re struggling to imagine that perfect location… Here are 10 of my favorite places in the Pacific Northwest. 

1. Samuel Boardman

2. Cape Kiwanda

3. Trillium Lake

4. Columbia Gorge

5. Mt. Rainier National Park

6. Smith Rock

7. Diablo Lake

8. Hurricane Ridge

9. Cascade Pass

10. Sand Dunes

I have been blessed to share these moments with couples all over Oregon and beyond, yet my recent session in the Samuel H. Boardman Scenic Corridor is one of my personal favorites.