The Griffin House | Associate Photographers Perspective

January 26, 2022

The Griffin House was the serene backdrop for this bride and groom’s intimate dream wedding. However, putting together their dream wedding involved putting together the perfect bridal support team. They had to make decisions, like who to select as their bridal party; or whether to forgo a bridal party altogether. Beyond the bridal party and they face the decision every newly engaged couple has to face, who is going to be our photographer? Every individual on your support team is going to have a paramount role to play in your dream wedding day. Though a majority of brides will tell you that they regret not spending more on their photography package. One of those crucial upgrades is an associate photographer.

I have had the privilege of working with some of Portland’s finest bridal vendors, this intimate September wedding at Griffin House was no exception. It was my honor to serve alongside this couple’s wedding photographer as their associate photographer. Below you can find some of my favorite captures from their day.

What is an Associate Photographer?

Associate photographers or “second shooters” are experienced, professional photographers, who work alongside your primary photographer on your wedding day. Oftentimes, they are someone that your photographer has worked with or trained to complement their particular photography style. They aren’t a “back-up” or assistant photographer. A seasoned and professional associate photographer is on hand to create, and capture every elegant detail, and assist me in creating a final wedding collection that exceeds your expectations, leaving lasting memories for you to cherish for years to come. 

Three Essential Reasons You Need an Associate Photographer at Your Wedding

Many brides will ask me, “Should I choose to have an associate photographer at my ceremony?” For some, it may appear like an extra, or unneeded expense, in my experience hiring an associate wedding photographer is a key part of your luxury wedding. Here are a few of the key benefits of enlisting an associate photographer. 

An associate photographer ensures that every perspective has been captured and preserved

Could you imagine your photographer missing your groom’s reaction? Or missing you walking down the aisle? Those are cherished memories, and ensuring that your photographer has hired a second photographer means that all of those moments can be preserved in photographs. In a wedding venue like The Griffin House choosing to have two photographers means having your associate photographer capture a stunning aerial view of your ceremony out a second-story window.

An associate photographer ensures every tiny detail is preserved for years of fond memories

I’ve had numerous brides express how many special details they missed. Your associate photographer spends extra time focusing on the tiny details; the special keepsake tucked into your bouquet, even, the intricate details of your dress. Your associate photographer can dedicate time to preserve the memories of the entire wedding day. Allowing you to have a collection of photographs to cherish, and share in the years to come.

An associate photographer helps to create a stress-free day

Associate photographers watch the time and maintain your schedule; ensuring we stick to the timeline. This can be crucial, especially when it comes time for the family or bridal party photos. Having that extra set of hands to help coordinate, assist, and direct can cut that entire process in half. They are an extra pair of eyes, ears, and hands! 

Every single vendor plays a part in your dream wedding! Remember to ask your photographer if they have a second photographer on their team! Here’s a hint, I do! It’s absolutely crucial! 

Some of Portlands finest bridal vendors helped make this intimate Griffin House wedding ceremony a reality

Thinking about your own Columbia Gorge wedding? Of course, I recommend The Griffin House, the views are simply breathtaking. I alongside one of my truly talented associate photographers would be honored to help make your dream wedding a reality, and I cannot recommend the following vendors enough. Anyone on this list would be an exceptional vendor to consider for your dream day.

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